Reflection-Surprising Expectations: Jack Choi On The Virtual Dissection Table (Essay Sample)

Choose something from the reading and/or viewing assignments that took you by surprise or that you weren’t expecting. Provide the title of the text and a page number (if it’s a written text) or a time stamp (if a video), so that others could take a look, and explain the element that you found surprising / unexpected.
Then, in about 250 words, do some reflection. Why did this element surprise you? What were your expectations, and why didn’t they include this particular element? Did you make assumptions coming in to this reading? What were they? Did the text prove your assumptions wrong? How? Try to reflect on the expectations and assumptions — the ways of seeing — that you bring to a text.
The goal of this assignment is help you identify connections across our readings. More important than the texts you choose to focus on is what you say about these texts! As you reflect on your work, keep in mind that the guiding question for evaluation will be: “To what extent does the reflection reveal active preparation and engaged thinking about this topic?”
You must post your reflection before you’ll be able to see what others have written. You’re not required to comment on anyone else’s work, though you may if you like.

you can pick one of these video for the paper.